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WPF: sharing the client area between a menu and a chart control

Sep 14

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9/14/2012 1:34 PM  RssIcon

The obective of this post is to describe the properties to set on the different WPF controls in order to have:

- a menu which has the same width as the application (and not restricted to a default width)

- having a chart control which resizes inside the client area, without overlapping the menu control


Such a behavior can be set by setting a grid, cliping the menu in the first row, and the other control in the other row.

The height of the first row is fixed. It means that the MinHeight and MaxHeight will be the same and set to the default value of the height of the menu, equals to 23.

The Min height of of the second row is equal to 0 and MaxHeight to Infinity, which are the default values (also will be empty).

Finally, the definitions of the grid, the menu and the control will be:


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