Partnership with Opalit Solutions - Tuesday, October 16, 2012


A partnership with Opalit Solutions was today agreed, in order to give support on Perform, the software edited by this company and specialized on asset management.

Opalit Solutions is a Paris based software and consulting company specialising in finance.

With Perform - Portfolio Management System, Opalit responds to the demanding needs of the growing business of alternative investment management.

Perform realises a sound practice for the investment manager by reducing operational risk, increasing operational efficiency and rapidly assessing market risk. This leaves the managers more focused on their investment decisions.

The architecture of Perform has been designed to implement further developments of personalised needs for a rapidly evolving business. The scalable capacity of Perform prepares you for the growth of your business with a multi-user multi-markets approach.




Paris, 14th February 2012

After 2 years of silence, is back, since it corresponds to a right need for developers working on financial markets. New content, new direction, new way of use. The use of the website is highly restricted to users permitted by the owners. Registering is free, but will be validated by the owners.

The objective of this site is to give all technical informations and services around the itquant business.

 It contains the following parts:

  1. a public blog, in order to give some public technical information, giving the opportunity to be well referenced in some search engine like Google
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