IT Services for capital markets

In order to share its knowledge to organizations of all sizes and for all level of expertises, we have developed a number of services, designed to facilate the work of project or maintenance teams working on capital markets and to ensure the highest level of productivity.

These services are delivered by experienced experts, working on the capital markets since several years, and by anyone listed as member of the clients of ITQuants.

Service offerings include:

    • Forums:

      To exchange informations between developers, a forum is available once registered and profile validated. It contains a list of questions and answers that correspond to the memory of our consultants. All best practices and knowledge are listed there for future use, the Net having a short memory.

    • Articles:

      Specific articles are publlished, giving the opportunity to share  experience and code. Two types of articles: the ones published on the blogs by the writers, giving the opportunity for newbies to have access to some information, and the ones published in restricted access for the registered users, more detailed and specific to financial capital markets.

    • Jobs:

      All jobs of the moment are posted on this page. You can postulate to the open positions by clicking on the "Apply Now" button. Don't forget to mention the reference of the position when answering!