Philippe Bonneau – Founding Partner

Co-founder. Developer since 1986, working for the financial markets since 1998, date at which he began to work for Sophis, migrating the MacIntosh code of Sophis Risque 3.7 to Win32 platform. He is known for his expertise on Sophis Risque (now named Misys Fusion Invest/Fusion Capital) toolkit , has made several migrations from different versions by different clients in Europe (Paris, London, Brussels), or migrated some concurrent platform to Misys Sophis.

Hubert de Monts - Founding Partner

Co-founder. Hubert likes to develop both code and business. He started his digital life on a Tandy 1000. As a baby programmer he expressed himself in MASM (aka Microsoft X86 assembly language).

He joined Sophis in 1995 and worked on every aspect of what was then the flagship software of the company: Risque. Amongst several other things, Hubert was lead developer for the APIs and the Toolkit, a couple of libraries enabling Sophis Risque clients to fully customize about every bit of the system. After 3 years at Sophis, he started a consultant life as a Sophis APIs expert developer while managing his company Opalit Financial Systems.


Sam Lessani - Founding Partner

Co-founder. Sam believes that IT and business go hand in hand so in addition to his technical skills, he has acquired strong financial and quantative knowledge. He has always worked closely with the business.

Sam joined Sophis in 1997 where he worked as a consultant/presale for many major European banks. After three years, he decided to start his own consultancy business. He worked more than seven years as an independent consultant, this experience allowed him to understand the requirements of various financial institutions and enrich both his technical and business knowledge. In 2007 he started working for Leonteq Securities AG where he achieved one of the most successful implementation/migration of Sophis Risque system.