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By Philippe Bonneau on 10/29/2014 11:47 PM

Working on a migration to the last version of Fusion Invest (7.1.x), and even if most Sophis developers warn me that this class will be deprecated in future versions of Sophis Risque/Value, I've discovered how deep changes were done on it.

Trying to migrate my performance tool ITQLogger in order to test the new grid cache server, I've got a lot of modifications to do and most cases are now obsolete..

For remember, for those who don't know this class, it was previously mostly used by developers in this case: 

 - changes are done on database, without using the API,

 -  other programs connected to this database have to be notified, to refresh the data.

For example, the last development I've made using a Sophis native 'AJTI' event was done when I had to insert directly in the TRS_BASKET and TRS_BASKET_ADJUSTMENT Oracle tables records, and notify other GUI clients that the instrument was modified. Such development was done due to the well-known poor performance on Sophis basket swaps, making it impossible to use the native CSRInstrument::Save method when a lot of adjustments are done (like on portfolio swaps).

The goal of this post will discuss which workarounds have to be done.
By Philippe Bonneau on 10/10/2014 8:07 AM

Using the Sophis toolkit, it is possible to display a list when typing in a edit control. For example, in the default native transaction dialog, some references of instruments appear once the first characters are filled. The class that permits to reproduce this behaviour is CSRInstrumentCode which inherits from CSRGenericAutoCompletion. According to the comments provided in the sphcode.h header, there should be a sample in a SphSrc/AutoCompletion folder... Unfortunately, I haven't found such a sample, and looking for questions/answers on the Sophis support forum, I only have found one question without answer. This post will show how to implement some code in order to get the expected result, it means giving a list of results when typing some characters as follow:

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